About Us

About Us

代表取締役 西村実 写真

President & CEO
Minoru Nishimura, Ph.D

Company Overview

Our mission is to “promote efficient use of contaminated land through providing solutions to subsurface contamination issues that are both economically and environmentally sound.”  In order to achieve the mission, we need to have 1) site investigation technologies for accurately depicting subsurface contaminant distribution, 2) various and flexible site clean-up technologies to accommodate various site conditions such as contaminant characteristics and future land use, and 3) exit strategies for the contaminated land as well as 4) specialized machines, tools and chemicals to support accurate site investigation and site remediation.  EBH is structured in such a way that enables it to provide the technologies and the services listed above in order to meet clients’ various needs.
Soil and/or groundwater contamination problems often impede efficient use of the land.  This is because site clean-up cost (direct and/or indirect), often unaffordably expensive, is all placed upon the current landowners of the contaminated land in most cases.  We have assisted our clients in solving their contaminated land issues by combining services such as purchasing our clients’ contaminated land as it is and remediation services, our core services, which we have developed by modifying existing in-situ remediation methods in order to achieve relatively inexpensive costs for site clean-up.
Japan is going to experience the need for redevelopment of the potentially contaminated lands formerly used for manufacturing activities as the country seeks further economic growth.  We proactively employ innovative ideas and technologies in order to achieve both the protection of subsurface environment and the economic growth, and leave high-quality resources available for the future generations.

Company Information

Company name EnBio Holdings, Inc.
Representative Minoru Nishimura, PhD
President & Chief Executive Officer
Establishment date June 23rd, 1999
Capital JPY 1,762 million(updated on Sept 30th, 2019)
Stock information Code: 6092 at Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers
Location <Headquarters>
2-2-2 Kajicho, Kanda Park Plaza 8th floor,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1010044
Our business Holding company whose subsidiary companies deal with environmental business with special focus on soil and groundwater contamination and renewable energy.
Consolidated subsidiaries Enbio Engineerig, Inc.
EBH China Environmental Science&Technology Inc.
Enbio Real Estate, Inc.
Land Revitalization Investment, Ltd.
Vega Solar, LLC
Altair Solar, LLC
Taiyoko Park2, LLC
Solar Nenkin, Inc.
Equity method affiliates In Situ Solutions China Co., Ltd.
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Our Services

Group Overview

EBH group consists of a holding company, EBH, eight subsidiary companies (Enbio Engineerig, Inc., EBH China Environmental Science&Technology Inc. Enbio Real Estate, Inc., Land Revitalization Investment,Ltd.,Vega Solar,LLC, Altair Solar,LLC, Taiyoko Park2, LLC and Solar Nenkin,Inc.), and an affiliate company (In Situ Solutions China Co., Ltd.).

We have three main business focuses- 1) environmental solution business which involves investigation, remediation and risk management consulting of contaminated soil and groundwater, 2) sales business of tools and chemicals used for environmental work such as site investigation and remediation, and 3) brownfield revitalization business which involves purchasing and regeneration of brownfields*1.  With these main businesses, we aim for solving soil and groundwater contamination issues which have been becoming one of the barriers to healthy land use in the society.

*1 land previously used for industrial or commercial purposes but is currently idled or underused because of real or perceived environmental pollution.

Outline of EBH Group Coordination

Outline of EBH Group Coordination

Environmental Solution Business

Company: Enbio Engineerig, Inc.(EE)
Considering ourselves as a pioneer of in-situ remediation*1 and on-site remediation*2 in Japan, EE provides cost-competitive and environmentally friendly solutions to clients with soil and groundwater contamination issues.  Our main business involves design and execution of environmental site assessment and site remediation, as well as comprehensive services to lower risks associated with subsurface contamination such as clients support in their risk communication with stakeholders (eg local residents and public administrations).
We also provides environmental solution services with a main focus on construction work associated with soil and groundwater remediation such as soil. excavation

*1 type of subsurface remediation methods.  Contaminants in the subsurface get removed by extracting them or degrading them in-situ without excavating the soil.
*2 type of subsurface remediation methods.  Contaminated soil is excavated and treated on-site.

[Designated Investigation Institution*3]     Registration number: 2003-3-1021
[Special Construction Business License*4]  License number: (Special-26) 25676
[Specified Worker Dispatching Undertaking*5] (Sprcified)12-303131
*3 designated by Minister of Environment
*4 license issued by Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
*5 notification accepted by Minister of Health,Labour and Welfare

[Patents Possessed by EE]
Chemical oxidation method using modified Fenton’s reagent for chemical degradation of contaminants (Japanese patent number: 4700083)
Bioremediation method which enhances biodegradation of contaminants (Japanese patent number: 305104)
Deodorant and deodorizing methods for petroleum smelling soil (Japanese patent number: 5140912)

Company: EBH China Environmental Science&Technology Inc. (EBH China)

Company: In Situ Solutions China Co., Ltd. (ISS China)
ISS China provides environmental solution in China with the skills and knowledge gained through the business experience in Japan.

Sales Business of Tools and Chemicals used for Environmental Work

Enbio Engineering, Inc. (EE)
As a distributor, EE sells equipment and tools specialized for soil and groundwater investigation and remediation, chemicals used for contaminated soil and groundwater remediation (eg bioremediation and chemical oxidation) as well as providing equipment and tools maintenance services and technical support in site application of the chemicals and equipment.

Brownfield Revitalization Business

Enbio Real Estate, Inc. (EBRE)
EBRE operates with a business model in which 1) purchase land underused or idled because of real or perceived soil and/or groundwater contamination (the land is purchased with soil and groundwater contamination untreated), 2) perform appropriate treatment for soil and/or groundwater to reduce soil and groundwater contamination risks (regeneration), and finally, 3) sell or rent the regenerated land.

Land Revitalization Investment, Ltd. (LRI)
LRI is a joint venture company with CRE.
LRI'S target properties are lands that is possible for a big condominium or commercial use.

Renewable Energy Business

Vega Solar, LLC
Altair Solar, LLC
Taiyoko Park2, LLC
Solar Nenkin, Inc.

Vega Solar, LLC, Altair Solar, LLC, Taiyoko Park2, LLC and Solar Nenkin, Inc. are special purpose companies founded to run solar power plants.