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What is the EnBio Group?

Since our establishment in 1999, the EnBio Group’s core business has worked continuously to solve environmental problems. Our three major businesses include environmental solutions, brownfield revitalisation and renewable energy. In addition, we provide related business services.

EnBio Group

Company Information

Company Name EnBio Holdings, Inc.
Representative Yoshikazu Nakamura,
President & CEO
Foundation June 23rd, 1999
Capital JPY 2,325 million ( as of May 10th, 2023 )
Stock Information Code: 6092 at Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market
Location <Headquarters> Kanda Park Plaza 8th floor, 2-2-2 Kajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0044 JAPAN

Management Philosophy

To promote solutions to environmental issues and create a naturally healthy environment through our services and products, thus contributing to the establishment of an environmentally sustainable society.

Since the establishment of EnBio Group in 1999, we have continuously worked to protect the environment.
Our environmental solutions business resolves soil contamination through engineering, our brownfield revitalisation business involves the effective use of once-polluted land and our renewable energy production business generates electricity through a solar power plant. Our recently launched biomass power generation and water resource development efforts are examples of how we are contributing to preserving and passing on unspoilt states of nature to future generations.
Considering the current state of the world, where the establishment of sustainable social systems is becoming ever-more crucial and urgent, we as a company are working to achieve both contributions to environmental protection and society and the growth of several ongoing business activities. In dealing with environmental problems, we work actively to foster younger members of our organisation, to ensure our future success.
This cycle of management enables us to work on the establishment of a sustainable society in the long term, from one generation to another.

Management Policies

  • Environment


    We promote solutions to environmental problems and the establishment of a healthy environment through our business activities.

  • Customers


    We are constantly working to improve as a company—not only to meet, but to exceed, our customers’ expectations.

  • Innovation


    We innovate through our vitality and speed.

  • Pioneer Mentality

    Pioneer Mentality

    We challenge ourselves to be the leading company in our industry.

  • Global


    We make use of our experience and knowledge to provide services globally.

  • Cooperation


    Through our flexible cooperative efforts within and outside of our group, we look to a gain multiplier effect to help grow our company with quality.

  • Employees


    We provide our employees with a safe and secure work environment by respecting each employee’s skills and independent personality.

Company Action Guidelines

  • 1

    As a trusted corporate citizen, we follow all domestic and overseas laws and cultural norms, in addition to ethical codes of conduct. We conduct all business activities within the bounds of common sense.

  • 2

    We act in good faith at all times. Thus, we engage in fair competition and maintain relationships based on mutual prosperity with our associated companies, suppliers and partners.

  • 3

    We are not afraid of failure, but have a strong faith in ourselves and our ability to challenge difficult and/or new businesses to achieve higher goals.

  • 4

    We notice changes over time by having a wide vision and taking a broad view on factors that enable us to take flexible and effective action concerning them.

  • 5

    In the execution of our businesses, we always prioritise safety and the conservation of the environment.

  • 6

    We respect each employee’s personality and their diversity, and we work to draw out everyone’s imagination and inquisitive spirit.

  • 7

    We maintain sound governance as part of our efforts to maximise shareholder value and to become a truly excellent global corporation.

  • 8

    We avoid all relationships with antisocial forces or groups that threaten the order and safety of civil society. We also take care never to act in a manner that is contrary to social justice.

Environmental Solutions

When land reserved for business is being closed, sold or redeveloped by a landowner, it is sometimes necessary to assess for possible subsurface contamination. Our site remediation process begins with a site investigation where we analyse for potential subsurface contamination. If the land is polluted, we provide a remediation solution that delivers field operations to rehabilitate the site so it conforms to all laws and regulations; we also engage in risk communication with stakeholders, including regulators. We use these processes to complete our site remediation programmes.

EnBio Group’s domestic site remediation process is carried out by EnBio Engineering Inc. (EE). EE has experience with construction in several methods, including in situ remediation, which is a method where we rehabilitate contaminated soil without excavating it. EE also uses on-site remediation methods that excavate contaminated soils, purifying it and then burying it again. Using these methods, EE has successfully resolved more than 1000 cases of soil pollution since the company’s establishment.

In addition to the above, we provide our services throughout the world. Today, overseas environmental due diligence and EHS audits are required by more and more companies, banks and private equity funds. We have formed local partnerships in many countries; thus, we can provide our services most anywhere in the world. For example, we have a Chinese subsidiary (EBH China Environmental Science & Technology Inc. (EBHC)) that works to solve soil contamination issues in response to the recent development of laws regarding soil contamination in China, which has led to an increase in demand for soil remediation. Projects to resolve soil contamination issues in China are based on the knowledge and experience we gained from cases in Japan.

EnBio Engineering, Inc. (EE)

Company name EnBio Engineering, Inc. (EE)
Representative Minoru Nishimura
Location Kanda Park Plaza 8th floor, 2-2-2 Kajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0044 JAPAN
URL https://enbio-eng.com/

EBH China Environmental Science & Technology Inc. (EBHC)

Company name EBH China Environmental Science & Technology Inc. (EBHC)
Representative Ning Wang, Ph.D
Location C4-512 Lv Di Zhi Chuang, Jin Xiu Jie, Yuhuatai District, Nanjing, Jiangsu 210012 CHINA
URL http://ebh-china.com

Brownfield Revitalisation

A ‘brownfield’ refers to land that cannot be used due to soil contamination. An area is declared a brownfield when the cost of remediation exceeds 30% of its actual value. Due to economic reasons, without the aid of brownfield remediation efforts, the land cannot be used. We have a solution for revitalising these areas through cost-effective technologies developed by our group.

EnBio Real Estate, Inc. (EBRE)

Company Name EnBio Real Estate, Inc. (EBRE)
Representative Toshihito Yamamoto
Location Kanda Park Plaza 8th floor, 2-2-2 Kajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0044 JAPAN
URL http://enbio-realestate.com

Land Revitalization Investment Ltd. (LRI)

LRI is a joint venture company with CRE. LRI’s target properties are areas that are suitable for large condominium developments or commercial uses.

Company Name Land Revitalization Investment Ltd. (LRI)
Representative Taisaku Yui
Location <Headquarters> Kanda Park Plaza 8th floor, 2-2-2 Kajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0044 JAPAN
URL https://www.lri-jpn.com

Renewable Energy

We already have an operational 36.2Mw solar plant in Japan. Now, we are expanding our target market to overseas customers in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and several other regions.

Additionally, we are in the process of establishing a new biomass gasification business.
To establish our solar plant business, we worked alongside other companies throughout the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) process. However, with our new biomass gasification plants, we want to take charge of the plant’s operations and the EPC process.

Vega Solar, LLC

Altair Solar, LLC

Solar Nenkin, Inc.

Taiyoko Park2, LLC

EnBio C Energy, Inc.


Representative Yukinobu Yokomizo

Enbio Middle East FZE LLC(UAE)

Company Name Enbio Middle East FZE LLC(UAE)
Representative Yosikazu Nakamura
Location A-62-01-01-02 Flamingo Villas,Ajiman,UAE

Enbio Lel Taqa FZC LLC(UAE)

Company Name Enbio Lel Taqa FZC LLC(UAE)
Representative Yosikazu Nakamura
Location A-0059-21 Flamingo Villas,Ajman,UAE

Water resource development

We want to establish water sources in countries and places where people have traditionally struggled due to a lack of water. Our underground water-pumping system is powered by solar energy and serving people in northern Jordan and on the Syrian border. Through this business, we hope to reduce water shortages in these areas and anticipate the potential hiring of Syrian refugees.

Regional biomass use development

At present, a great number of biomass resources are being wasted around the world. We are working to use these wasted resources effectively in our biomass powerplants. We currently have an operational biomass gasification power plant in midwestern Turkey that is fuelled by bird droppings. Through this business, we hope to generate opportunities for local employment while also reducing the amount of waste material by using some of it, which can lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Promoting ethical consumption

By marketing organic foods, we look to enlighten customers on the opportunities related to sustainable foods. We aim to protect biodiversity and secure sustainable manufacturing processes through these efforts.